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Technologies Attends the DesignCon 2015 Exhibition and Technical Conferences in Santa Clara CA, USA
FUTURIS Technologies Celebrates the Day of Photonics by October 21st

As EPIC celebrated its 10th anniversary it was encouraging to see that our industry combines ingenuity and creativity to further technology advancement and creates applications that are addressing our world’s most critical societal challenges. EPIC’s 148 member build on the richness and diversity of the industry; through fostering openness to explore collaboration opportunities. At the various EPIC events it is evident that a strong interlink and partnership among the companies exists. The collaboration that can been seen takes a great many forms: you collaborate on EU funded project proposals, you provide input in the development of market reports, you take part in commercial trade missions- all in all you make our industry a lively and very active community!
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DesignCon 2015