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"Identifies Lebanese capital Beirut as a place that is doing particularly cool stuff" watch & read more
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Partnership Programs with Futuris Technologies
Futuris enjoys close working relationships with all of its partners. For us a partnership only makes sense if it enables us and enables our partners and customers to be successful. Thus Futuris has prepared 3 types of Partnership Programs: My Branch, My Team, Futuris Team.

My Branch
My Branch is a program dedicated to the hi-tech companies located in the Americas, Europe & Asia willing to reduce their engineering costs, it allows through the partnership with Futuris Technologies to get all the needed consultancy, facilities and execution to open their own branch in Lebanon (Team development and management: Engineering Sourcing, Engineering Training, Office & Operation Management, Legal advises and legal papers, accounting, low cost office location…).

My Team
My Team is a program dedicated to the hi-tech companies located in the Americas, Europe & Asia willing to reduce their engineering costs, it allows through the partnership with Futuris Technologies to develop a Futuris Technologies new department formed from engineers dedicated to work only and exclusively on projects dedicated for their companies.

Futuris Team
Futuris Team is a program dedicated to the hi-tech companies located in the Americas, Europe & Asia willing to reduce their engineering costs, it allows through the partnership with Futuris Technologies to develop their own projects and products through our engineering team.
For further infomarion about the advantages continue your reading.
Multiple Benefits for American & European Companies Willing to Invest in the Technology Sector in Lebanon
These are considered the enabling factors for the technology investments in Lebanon:
- To profit from the added value the Lebanese high quality engineers can produce. Especially that the Quality of Math & Science Education in Lebanon was ranked 5th Globally by the World Economic Forum. Get Report
- Beirut ranked as number 1 to invest in the CNN Money report and according to Savills, Candy & Candy, and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management.
- Fresh graduate engineering cost in Lebanon is much lower comparing to the Americas & Europe. Enabling a new branch in Lebanon is to lower the local R&D high development cost.
- To profit from the Global Lebanese Network & Business development potentials in new regions of the world. 16 Million Lebanese spread worldwide with success stories. In addition to the new market that the Lebanese can open in the Middle East and North Africa region.
- To Profit from 3 languages at least practiced by each local Lebanese engineer: English, French and Arabic.
- To profit from the final year project developed by the engineers.
- To profit from the Low cost office rental.
- To profit from the Lebanese culture that is very close to the European one.
- Its banking policies and financial innovative services are the strongest worldwide, and wasn't affected by the Global financial crises with 27 awards acquired by its Central Bank Governor. Central Bank initiative gives tech startups a boost read more
- Foreign companies who have established operations in Lebanon in 2014. Get Report
- Beirut is one of the New7 Wonders Cities.   

Incentives Granted by the Goverment

Based on Job-Creation and Investment Size
- Projects benefiting from the Package Deal Contract shall be granted, at maximum, the following incentives:
- Full exemption from the project’s income tax for up to 10 years.
- Full exemption from taxes on project dividends for up to 10 years.
- Up to 50% reduction on Work and Residence Permit Fees.
- 50% reduction on the value of the certificate of deposit entrusted to the Housing Bank.
- Up to 50% reduction on Construction Permit Fees.
- Obtaining Work Permits of all categories provided that at least two Lebanese nationals are employed against one foreigner.
- Exemption from the obligation of including Lebanese natural and legal persons in the Board of Directors in Joint Stock companies.
- Full exemption from Land Registration Fees at the Real Estate Register and from fees needed for annexation, sub-division, mortgage and registration of lease contracts at the Real Estate Register.

Top Lebanese Universities, Others Coming Soon.
Note: All possible partners are invited to fill the "Partner Request Application Form", press on the button "Partner Request Application Form" available on the left menu of your screen.
All Universities are invited to fill the "University Application Form", press on the last item of the left menu of your screen.
Thank you for your interest!

Success Stories
Lebanon is plenty of People Eager to Success, already gave the world great personalities with Great Success Stories e.g.: Carlos Ghoson (Nissan, Renault & AvtoVAZ Chairman and CEO), Carlos Slim Helou (Chairman of Grupo Carso), Toni Fadel (Nest GM acquired by Google), Dr. Charles Elachi (JPL NASA Director), Nicolas Hayek (Swatch President) ... In addition to many local companies that could compete Globally like: Murex, MultiLane SAL, ATC-VLSI Inc…, Useful Links: Beirut-yes Beirut-Has a Vibrant, Growing Tech Scene, Beirut’s Coders Convene for Community and Social Progress.

Learn About Investment Opportunities
Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about additional advantages for your investments at +1 559 744 7949 or at +961 70 853 356 or via email: info@futuristechnologies.com

Lebanese Culture

“It’s so impossibly glamorous!" It’s the country that Shakira, Salma Hayek, Paul Anka … are originated from.
- Known the number 1 platform that launches new talented artists & musicians in the Middle East.
- 4 Seasons moderate weather.
- First class health care doctors and facilities. 1 doctor for each 10 person.
- Freedom of speech and believe are proven the best in the region and protected by laws and by the constitution.
- Top travel destination in 2009 & 2010 by New York Times Travel Guide, and Best Party City in the world by the

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