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Futuris Technologies develops state of the art hi-tech projects for the global optical / electrical communication and semiconductor market. Email CV to hr@futuristechnologies.com

Futuris Senior Engineering Students Training Program (2014-2015 and 2015-2016)
Kindly apply to this program only if you are a senior engineering student and looking to work on a final year project. Register yourself by sending an email at  hr@futuristechnologies.com with your complete information to be able to contact you (Required info: Full Name, Email address, Phone Number, Academic Qualification).
We are Glad to Help you Growing your Career!

Futuris University Application
For Universities looking to register a group of senior students engineers, you are invited to contact us directly via phone or to send us an email at:  hr@futuristechnologies.com, or to fill the form here.
We are Glad to Help Your Students Reach a Professional Career!
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